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CEO Message

Message from CEO

SHL CO., LTD is a technology innovator which the secondary cell, inspection facility and components of semiconductor based on production processing, we develop a variety of products optimized for different types of automation facilities in a short period of time and provide the best solution to customers who need products of small or mass production.

We have succeeded in the development on facility and mass production for the range of secondary cell and semiconductor from 2012 since starting with processing production in 2005 After that have been registered on SK Hynix, SK Innovation and LG Chem through continuously advancing on technology which have been working hard to develop localization or new concept facilities by customers wanted.

Business is growing every year through Investing of R&D and exploring overseas markets which various technology of patent, source technology and competitive technology also has reinforced.

On the background and surroundings, SHL will continue to do the best and develop into a company that considers value creation of customer the fist by continuously R&D investments and various automation of solutions.

Thank you .

CEO : Kwak Gi Young


회사명주식회사 에스에이치엘(SHL)
설립일2010년 4월
경기도 수원시 권선구 고색동 산업로 92번길 

반도체 설비 및 부품, 2차 전지 설비 및 지그,
자동화 설비 및 가공

Company Overview

Company nameSHL CO., LTD
CEOKwak Gi Young
Foundation Apr, 2010
 (991-3, Gosaek-dong) 94-7, Saneup-ro 92Gil, Gwonseon-Gu, Suwon-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Rep.Korea
Business area

Semiconductor facilities and components, Facility of a secondary cell and Jig, Automation facilities and processing

Management policy

 Customer service

  • Customer satisfaction through quick response
  • Retention of professional manpower
  • Systematic management system

Technical Skills

  • High technology
  • Satisfactory quality
  • price competitiveness

 Production facilities

  • Best quality
  • Strict quality control (QC)
  • High reliability
  • Stable production

SHL Co., Ltd.

Company nameSHL Co., Ltd. | CEO: Kwak Gi Young 
Location: 94-7, Saneop-ro 92beon-gil, Gwonseon-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Tel : (+82) 31-291-5691 | Fax : (+82) 31-291-5694